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Folding desk and chair IP-K10
Folding desk and chair IP-K10

This design of folding desk and chair set IP-K10 sells best in 2014. Now it is in promotion, so you can get the best price from our company and special discount if you order one 20FT container of these sets!

On this page you can read the detailed description for these folding desk & chair sets and place order for this model.

If you are interesting in more our design of school desks and chairs, you can see them here and send inquiry to us too.

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We produce this folding sets in three kinds of variants for more handy arrangement the placement of furniture:
the first row, the middle row, and the last row.

Folding desk and chair IP-K10

First row IP-K10

The first row

Middle row IP-K10

The middle row

Last row IP-K10

The last row

Material description:

Using multilayer mold hot bending, ergonomically designed shape, interface stuck by fireproof board, thickness of 15 mm, PU edge refined, durable, non-fading.

Writing board: steel hinged type, using multilayer mold thermoforming, interface stuck by fireproof board, made by cold-drawn steel refined edge, durable, can withstand 150 kg weight, not-fading, the thickness of 16 mm.

Feet: the wall thickness of 1.8 mm high-quality international steel pipe, by die stamping, welding, grinding, surface is coated with a spray of anti-rust and anti-static electricity, solid enough to withstand the force.

Screws: electrostatic spraying hexagon socket head screw, strong, durable, not easy to rust.

Seat frame structure: gravity return slowly without noise.

Design: ergonomic concepts and individual needs, writing board with folding type and fixed type, full disassembly structure set up, nice shape, with modern features.

KD packages, easy to transport and cost saving.


Dimension IP-K10

Versions of decisions for arrangement the placement:

Folding desks and chairs IP-K10 Folding desks and chairs IP-K10
Folding desks and chairs IP-K10 Folding desks and chairs IP-K10
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