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Our office chairs
Mesh office chairsMesh chairs
Executive office chairsExecutive chairs
Secretary office chairsSecretary chairs
Economic office chairsEconomic chairs
Visiting office chairsVisiting chairs
Public chairsPublic chairs
Student chairsStudent chairs
Student chairsIP-K07
Student chairsIP-K10
Student chairsIP-K12C
Student chairsIP-K18C
Student chairsIP-K26
Student chairsIP-K28
Student chairsIP-K31
Student chairsIP-K31D
Student chairsIP-SA01+KZ01
Student chairsIP-W606F+KZ03
Student chairsIP-TY606+KZ03
Student chairsIP-SE01+KZ18
Student chairsIP-NCK06A-2
Student chairsIP-TY606F-2+KZ03
Student chairsIP-E01+E06-2
Student chairsIP-ND606A-2+KZ12
Dining chairsDining chairs

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Plastics colorPlastics color

Student chair and desk sets

Student chair IP-K07 Student chair IP-K10 Student chair IP-K12C Student chair IP-K18C
Student chair IP-K26 Student chair IP-K28 Student chair IP-K31 Student chair IP-K31D
Student chair IP-SA01+KZ01 Student chair IP-W606F+KZ03 Student chair IP-TY606+KZ03 Student chair IP-SE01+KZ18
Student chair IP-NCK06A-2 Student chair IP-TY606F-2+KZ03-2 Student chair IP-E01+E06-2 Student chair IP-ND606A-2+KZ12-2

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